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What would it look like if you took how-to videos and training webinars and made them a little more interactive and YouTube-friendly, bringing customers right inside our offices? That’s the idea behind NationBuilder Live, our new live webcast featuring the community team.

Each Monday through Thursday at 4pm ET/1pm PT, please join us for a healthy dose of detailed training, live Q&A with the staff, profiles on customers and partners, and commentary on important news for leaders.

Watch here:

We’ve been previewing the show for a few weeks, and it’s pretty raw - and it’s pretty fun, too. One day you’ll get nitty gritty details on email deliverability, and another it’s cameos of Nate Murphy pumping iron as Rep. Paul Ryan (Halloween) or the world’s strongest software engineer, Ray Pereda, talking about his ping pong tournament strategy (Election Day, and yes, Ray won).

We want NationBuilder Live to have something for everyone. So we’re dedicating Monday and Tuesday to those who are new to NationBuilder and want to learn how to get their nations up and running quickly. On Wednesday and Thursday we’ll dive into expert topics and invite customers to share their toughest problems -- a bit like Car Talk or Loveline.  Anyone can submit questions in the chat box during the show.

Here’s what’s coming up over the next few weeks:

  • Get a look at how NationBuilder’s community organizing system can transform your work with “Essential community organizing - It's the people, stupid.
  • For our political customers: Digital field - Reaching voters on and offline” will teach you how to turbo charge your digital ground game.
  • Our “NationBuilder Experts training” session will cover the 17 things you need to know to become a certified NationBuilder Expert.
  • In “The People-centric Organization,” we’ll show you how you can use NationBuilder to create real change, one relationship at a time.

In addition, we'll be hosting special events in off hours, like this interview with Sasha Issenberg, author of The Victory Lab. You can see the rest of the schedule, and highlights from the live show on the NationBuilder YouTube channel. 

Thanks for being a part of NationBuilder.

Jim Gilliam
NationBuilder Founder and CEO

December 04, 2012 at 4pm - 4:30pm
NationBuilder Live Webcasts
Jeffrey Sewell · · (803) 318-3000

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