How to make your fundraising stand out

Fundraising.jpg"Everybody's doing it." How to make your fundraising stand out from the crowd

By Daniel Gerig

The end of the year, Christmas, and the holidays. It’s time for family, friends, and….a deluge of letters from various worthy organizations and non-profits seeking support for their respective cause. You and many other organizations spend time and work hard on the development of the content, possibly working with a consultant, and highlighting/underlining critical messaging on the front of a colored envelope, etc. Such efforts are the norm as opposed to the exception, and everything possible should be done to ensure that the campaign is as effective as possible. 

What makes your letter or fundraising campaign stand out from the clutter? Not everyone who reads your letter contributes, but very few donate without reading your letter. Doing everything possible to ensure that your efforts don’t end up in the garbage or get lost in the shuffle can have a significant impact on the response rates to your letter. 

One way to raise the profile of your efforts is to engage multiple senses of your supporters. Delivering audio as well as visual content stands a better chance of being noticed than if you focused on solely one or the other. 

The question is, what can be done this late in the game? The letter and envelope design and content may very well be set or already delivered, but that doesn’t mean there aren’t opportunities to take action and improve your campaign. A simple way to thank your supporters once again, and remind them to look for your materials if they haven’t done so already, is with an automated call. Delivering such calls as your literature hits the doorstep or soon thereafter can remind your supporters of your mailer and encourage them to take a look at what it has to say concerning the progress and direction of the organization.

Another, more interactive, option available would be to host a telephone townhall. Doing so could allow you recap what was accomplished in 2012, what’s on the agenda for 2013, and the resources that are going to be necessary to meet your objectives. You would be able to interact live with supporters in a forum that they may not have used yet, and it would provide an opportunity for those supporters who haven’t been able to attend your events or seminars in-person to engage the leadership and endorsers of your organization. Such an event could essentially hit two birds with one stone as you would be able to remind supporters of your mailers while also providing them with the opportunity to ask questions or contribute over the phone. 

If you want to maintain your funding level and are content with where you’re at now, keep doing what you’re doing. If you are wanting to be proactive and grow, consider using other forms of communication and engaging the multiple senses of your supporters (the aforementioned ideas being just a few of many possibilities). In the end, don’t be complacent. 

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