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Turf cut your voter file
The NationBuilder turf cutting tool allows you to split up your list geographically by drawing on a Google map. Print walk lists sorted by address and divided by street, making it convenient for a few volunteers to knock on doors of several neighborhoods in a reasonable amount of time. Click on a pinpoint to see detailed information on a particular a voter. Blue pinpoints indicates Democrats, red indicates Republicans, and numbered pinpoints indicates the number of voters at the same address. See the turf cutting tool in action.
Free voter file
Free voter file for up to state-wide political candidates through Political FORCE. This includes everyone who is registered to vote in your district or municipality, and if available, whether they have voted in previous elections. Track all your communications and support levels as you identify voters in your jurisdiction easily. No need to buy expensive voter lists from any vendors, although if you do have your own voter file that would you like to use, NationBuilder supports that too.
Phone banking
Use the advanced search tool to query your voter file on a huge range of attributes, such as likely voters. Put those people in a list, then use Call Mode to have volunteers call and enter data directly from your NationBuilder control panel. Easily print call sheets for volunteers without access to a computer, and enter in the data later using Data Entry Mode. See the phone banking tool in action.
Ask individuals, organizations or companies to endorse you using NationBuilder's unique endorsement page. Organizations and companies can upload their logos to really make their endorsements stand out. Choose which endorsements are most important and they will be featured above the rest. Or if you're trying to reach a certain number of endorsements, set a goal and have your progress displayed on thermometer.
Voter pledge and voter registration
NationBuilder's unique voter pledge page allows eligible voters to pledge whether they'll vote for you, might vote for you, or won't vote for you. Use this data to inform your communication strategy and know where you stand. Voter registration is integrated with Rock the Vote, and you get to keep the email addresses.
Election cycle donation limits
NationBuilder will keep track of your election cycle donation limits. Any amount donated over the election cycle limit will be rolled over into the next cycle, making sure you don't miss a penny.
GOTV staging locations
Think you’re up to the task of putting together a top notch Get-Out-The-Vote operation? Configure multiple GOTV staging locations to make sure you have your turf covered. Organizing volunteers for GOTV efforts is built into NationBuilder and makes this once time consuming process quick and easy, so that on the big day your field team can be as effective as possible.
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