Customer relationships are built, not bought.

"If you're using a Wordpress site over here, and Constant Contact over there, and PayPal over yonder, then this is going to change your life."

Nathan Henderson-James, Leadership Center for the Common Good

Customer relationships are built, not bought.

You started a business because you have something to offer your community. It might be the best po-boy sandwich in Cheraw, it might be a handmade table in Charleston, or it might be your consulting services. But if no one knows about it, you're in trouble.

Marketing is dead. People aren't paying attention to ads anymore; they're paying attention to real people. Which means that you have to talk to your community. And you have that chance when someone walks into your store or interacts with you online. That's when you have to get their digits. They might have come to see you once, but they'll come back because of the relationship you build with them.

There's a difference between businesses that know their customers by name and those that don't. To build real relationships, you need to know who your customers are, what they need, how you can reach them, and how you can make them evangelists for your business or political campaign and efforts.

What if there was a way to effortlessly track and engage each one of your customers? What if you could see every interaction someone ever had -- on or offline -- with your business? What if you could easily reach out to each of your customers through their preferred channel of communication, whether by email, text, phone call, mail, or face to face?

You can.

We are providers of the essential elements of sound nation-building, and whether you're a political candidate, nonprofit, business, or simply destined for greatness, if you really want to have an impact, you need to build a nation.

Sewell Consultancy is a Columbia-based general consulting firm. An exclusive provider of NationBuilder design, implementation, training and complete custom websites that start at just $849. So you don't have a nation? No problem, let's build you one based on strategically targeted consumer and or voter data.

Website Standard Features:

Unlimited users
Unlimited email blasting
Custom domain mapping
Hosted website CMS
Themes & page types
SEO & analytics
CRM database
Social media tools
Invoice management
Financial reporting
Workflow automation
Virtual phone number
Real time newsfeed

Data Services:

Take your client, customer and voter file lists to the next level.

Identify non-existent, invalid or expired email addresses
Add deliverable email addresses
Add quality phone numbers to your contacts
Add gender, age, income level, wealth, ethnicity, education and more
Add postal address to phone number or email address
Don't have a list? Targeted lists may be purchased to include all of the above criteria and much more including but not limited voter history, and all commercially available data.

Automated and affordable– for as little as .12¢/ a record

Call us today and we will get started today. The world is your oyster! Let us help you build it.

Call or contact us today for a confidential consultation regarding our custom website design and development.
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