Jeffrey Sewell, Principal Consultant

Jeffrey_Sewell_2018.jpgThere aren’t too many political consultants in the South who can pull off a Frank Sinatra-style ascot at a down-home country barbecue, but that’s the first thing you need to know about Jeffrey Sewell; He’s not afraid to be himself. And speak his mind.

True to a debonair style that belies his brass tacks, “run it like a business” approach to campaign management, this former dot-com executive turned campaign operative is quickly making a name for himself in Palmetto political circles as a go-to inside player, a big-picture strategist, a talent manager extraordinaire and (not to neglect his bread and butter) a technological guru with the best data in the business.

“Being successful in business or politics boils down to two things – managing people and managing data,” Sewell says. “Winning strategies rest in the identification of superior personnel, the utilization of superior information and the creative, efficient management of both.”

In a very short period of time, Sewell’s strategies are having a major impact on South Carolina’s political landscape.

Since assuming ownership of S.C. Hotline and Grand Strand Daily in 2008, the state’s most popular political website, Sewell has pushed the creative envelope and helped transform the site into a major media player, eclipsing most mainstream in-state media in visits per day and using cutting edge online video technology to conduct exclusive interviews with America’s biggest political luminaries.

Along the way, he’s become a fixture at top-dollar political events, on the opinion pages of the state’s largest newspapers and most importantly, on winning political campaigns.

When it comes to campaign networks, Sewell’s data services have helped drive the grassroots efforts of successful candidates ranging from City Council all the way up to Gov. Mark Sanford’s office, and his company Sewell Consultancy boasts some of South Carolina’s heftiest political heavyweights on its client roster.

Sewell, who has helped manage large scale software implementations and data services for Six Sigma industry giants like Geico, Lockheed Martin, General Electric, Owens Corning and SCANA in the past, now brings his technological proficiency and managerial expertise to bear on getting leaders elected and good ideas across the finish line.

Jeffrey Sewell, his wife Vicki, reside in West Columbia, South Carolina.

This Bio Co-Authored by Will Folks of FITSNews, and former spokesman to South Carolina Governor Mark Sanford.